Teachers, students, staff, parents and grandparents at R.E.L. Washington Elementary who were witness to my storytelling performance last Friday, September 7, 2018, I would greatly appreciate your feedback by participating in a survey through the following link:

Yo Cuento Cuentoz

A Success!

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The telling went very well today. I was able to perform two stories for the grandparents at R.E.L. Washington Elementary School (YISD) and students and staff. The auditorium was full and they all seemed to enjoy the performance. I was also able to sell my books of The Hairy Hand Visits and even got requests for El Pájaro Cu, so that might be my next writing project.

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Grandparents’ Weekend

This upcoming Sunday is Grandparents’ Day. It is celebrated the first Sunday in September after Labor Day. If you are lucky enough to still have your grandparents, please spend time with them. Show them they are important. If they are far away, give them a call or send them a card to make them know they are loved.

All of my grandparents have passed, but their love rekindles every time I retell one of their stories or recall a special moment I shared with them.

I am honored to be telling  at R.E.L Washington Elementary School (YISD) this Friday, September 7, and helping to celebrate the grandparents in their school community. My Grandmother Zenaida, is the inspiration for this particular performance, El Pájaro Cu, since she always had birds in her house and loved to sing along with them.


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Vikram and his mother, Reemaa, are regular participants of the summer activities held at the Family Fun Tent sponsored by the Millennium Park Foundation at Millennium Park in Chicago. On July 18, they participated in my storytelling of The Hairy Hand Visits. As a result, Vikram received a free copy of my book. I want to point out that my storytelling performance of The Hairy Hand Visits is somewhat different than the book. Nevertheless, Vikram “loved” my book so much that he wanted it to be a part of his school’s summer project of book reviews. He gave me FIVE stars.

As a new author, children’s reviews are the ones that matter most to me because I wrote this book for them. Every October, I would perform The Hairy Hand Visits for my students. They liked it so much, they asked if the library had a copy of it. Each time I told them it was an original story I had created, they suggested I turn it into a book because they wanted to read it to their younger siblings. So, even though traditional publishers rejected it, I am fully satisfied that young readers truly enjoy it.

Thank you, Vikram! You are an inspiration!

Kudos Mama for instilling a love of reading in your child!